Legislative Initiatives

Senator Joe Kyrillos is committed to working with Governor Christie to continue on the path to reform and fiscal sanity in New Jersey. Bold meaningful reform is not only possible, but it is what the people want and expect from their leaders. Joe believes we must continue to confront our state’s problems head-on and create a reform agenda to build a stronger, better New Jersey.

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Joe Kyrillos is now working in the Legislature with the Administration on three key elements of reform:

• Create Jersey Jobs and Provide Responsible, Sustainable Tax Relief

Senator Kyrillos is committed to supporting aggressive reform in order to create good-paying New Jersey Jobs. Maintaining fiscal discipline at every level of government, pro-active outreach to the business community and a fiscally-responsible package of pro-growth tax incentives and reforms is the way to achieve New Jersey’s economic recovery. 

Senator Kyrillos has also sponsored legislation that helps to overhaul the State government's regulatory system and reduce red tape which stunts economic growth and imposes added costs on businesses and citizens. 

• Education Reform to Fix a Broken System and Bring a High-Quality Education to Every Child

Senator Kyrillos believes that every child in our state has the right to a great education, regardless of his or her zip code or economic circumstances. We need to stand behind reform initiatives such as the Inter-district Public School Choice Program Act, the Opportunity Scholarship Act and the Parent Empowerment and Choice Act. Focusing on accountability through teacher effectiveness and student achievement will serve as the driving force behind public policies and practices, empowering parents with greater school choice and expanding high quality charter schools. Only meaningful change will achieve the results New Jersey’s children deserve.

• Comprehensive Reforms to Bring Fiscal Sanity to New Jersey’s Out-of-Control Pension and Benefit Systems

Senator Kyrillos stands behind the Governor’s Pension and Benefit reforms which were signed into law in June of 2011. These reform efforts have begun to modernize the pension and benefit system and ensure their long-term solvency without raising taxes or cutting essential government services. These reforms are restoring fairness and affordability to the costs borne by current and future taxpayers, and are aimed at slowing the rapid growth in the expenses, spending, and taxes that have strained government budgets at the State and local level for decades.

Senator Kyrillos recognized that New Jersey’s longstanding public pension system was unaffordable, antiquated and a consistent drain on taxpayers. If left untouched, over the next 30 years, the system would have grown to $183 billion underfunded, even if all taxpayers make all statutorily required contributions. The reforms enacted by the Governor in June 2011 offer a clear path to a secure, stable and sustainable future. By 2041, they will reduce total underfunding to $28 billion. At the same time, they will boost the aggregate funded ratio—which measures assets against liabilities—from the present level of 62% to more than 90%.