Kyrillos to Dems: Join Our Efforts to Continue NJ Job Growth

Kyrillos to Dems: Join Our Efforts to Continue NJ Job Growth
April 18th, 2013

Senate Economic Growth Committee member Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) stated the following in response to today’s announcement of New Jersey’s continued private-sector job growth:

“I am inspired by substantial private-sector job growth under the Christie administration, which has put tens of thousands of New Jerseyans back to work, providing for their families.

“The last time this many New Jerseyans were working in the private sector was December 2008. To recover even more jobs that disappeared under the Corzine administration, it will take an all-out bipartisan effort.

“I hope certain legislative Democrats are as motivated to continue job growth in New Jersey, instead of always complaining about it. Our residents deserve a legislature that ignores political pressure to preserve the long-term health of New Jersey’s economy. Democrats should join the Christie administration and Senate Republicans on a quest to eliminate laws that lead to anti-competitive financial and regulatory burdens on job creators. Let’s allow New Jersey business owners to pay for new jobs instead of excessive government.”

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