Kyrillos: Assembly Dems Must Post Bills to Protect Families, Make NJ More Affordable

Kyrillos: Assembly Dems Must Post Bills to Protect Families, Make NJ More Affordable
April 24th, 2013

In response to Monday’s Assembly Board List, Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) urged Assembly Democratic leaders to pass bills that are already through the Senate to protect families and make New Jersey more affordable.

“Assembly Democrats could say that I should just worry about the Senate — but I can’t, because my first priority is protecting and serving New Jersey residents,” Kyrillos said.

“There are no legitimate reasons why the Assembly can’t use quorum days or voting sessions, such as Thursday and Monday, to advance measures to keep children safe and reduce New Jersey’s excessive taxes.”

Here is a sampling of bipartisan bills that have been passed by the full Senate but are awaiting Assembly action:

S2/A1171 (Kyrillos/O’Toole) makes appropriations to encourage local government entities to share services and consolidate; passed by the Senate in November.

S380/A3276 (Allen/Kean/Oroho) enacts the Jessica Lunsford Act, imposes mandatory term of 25 years to life for aggravated sexual assault against a child under 13 and increases penalties for harboring certain sex offenders; passed by the Senate in October.

S1114/A3914 (Bateman) to foster and incentivize municipal mergers; passed by the Senate in May.

S1914/A2975 (Kean) puts user fees, i.e. EMS, under the 2-percent property tax cap; passed by the Senate in May.

S2404/A3675 (Oroho) to save employers from a $300 million tax; passed by the Senate in February.

S2493/A3740 (O’Toole) a comprehensive Child Pornography Prevention Act; passed by the Senate in March.

“Are Assembly Democrats holding New Jersey residents hostage as part of their political battles with Senate Democrats?” Kyrillos questioned. “Or maybe these common-sense Senate bills are languishing simply because it’s an election year. Whatever the cause, Assembly leaders should be serving the public by advancing legislation to protect families, lower the cost of government and allow job creators to continue adding more employees.”

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