Kyrillos, Handlin & O’Scanlon Express Outrage at IRS Scandal

Kyrillos, Handlin & O’Scanlon Express Outrage at IRS Scandal
Obama Administration Must Be Held Accountable

The 13th District legislators today went on the record taking the Obama administration to task over the Internal Revenue Service’s actions targeting conservative groups. It has come to light in recent weeks that IRS investigators were singling out Tea Party groups for intense scrutiny when those groups applied for tax exempt status. IRS officials learned of the actions last year but said nothing.

“The outrageous actions of the IRS warrant a thorough, immediate investigation,” Senator Joseph Kyrillos said. “The resignation of an acting director does nothing to address a form of political spying at the taxpayers’ expense that does not belong in American democracy. I urge the President, Congress and the media to reveal who was targeted, why they were targeted and who directed the targeting. It would be naive to think that these decisions were made by civilian employees. Government must be held wholly accountable when it fails the people.”

Between 2010 and 2012, the IRS used keywords to single out assumed conservative groups by targeting groups with names including words and phrases such as “Patriot” or “Tea Party”. The revelation prompted President Obama to fire Acting IRS Director Steven Miller who was already set to resign later this year.

“The firing of the acting director is too little, too late,” said Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon. “This is a blatant abuse of power and inappropriate use of a federal agency for political gain. The IRS is an agency that operates under the President’s purview and he cannot simply wash his hands of the matter. The facts behind this scandal are incredibly disturbing and demand a thorough, bi-partisan investigation. This type of behavior is a black eye on our democratic process and serves to do nothing more than stifle new ideas and curb the involvement of citizens in government.”

“I condemn the actions of the IRS for trampling on ANY groups First Amendment Rights,” Assemblywoman Amy Handlin stated. “Congress needs to do a further investigation, and make sure whoever perpetrated these act is duly punished.”

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