Kyrillos Praises Senate Approval of Fiscally Responsible State Budget

Kyrillos Praises Senate Approval of Fiscally Responsible State Budget

Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) praised the Senate’s passage of the FY 2014 state budget, saying the appropriations act is a fiscally responsible spending plan that funds important priorities without raising taxes.

“For the fourth year in a row, the New Jersey Senate has approved a fiscally conservative and balanced budget proposed by Governor Christie that does not rely on tax increases to fund priorities like education and property tax relief,” said Kyrillos. “This style of responsible, live within your means budgeting practiced in recent years stands in stark contrast to the decade of massive budget increases and tax hikes that became annual rituals in the past.”

Kyrillos noted that despite austere levels of funding and strict scrutiny of every dollar spent, important programs that he championed were reviewed and included in the final budget plan, including appropriations of $250,000 to support the Autism Helpline and $200,000 to support a Holocaust survivor assistance program.

“It’s a positive sign for the people of New Jersey that their Governor and legislative leaders from both parties can work together to provide the resources needed to run the state government,” Kyrillos added.

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