A Year Since Sandy, Kyrillos: We Will Do Whatever it Takes and Fully Recover

A Year Since Sandy, Kyrillos: We Will Do Whatever it Takes and Fully Recover

Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth), who serves a district among the most devastated by Superstorm Sandy one year ago, shared the following sentiments for the people of New Jersey:

“So much has been restored yet there is still much more work to do. To the families, small business owners and communities still trying to restore their homes, stores and neighborhoods: I know how painful this year has been and I will continue doing everything possible with the Christie administration to force the federal government to immediately release the tens of billions of your recovery dollars that it has been withholding. We cannot endure much more time, as overdue funding is obstructed by regulations and red tape. People are desperate to restore their lives.

“Here in New Jersey, it is equally important for the Democrats who at this time control the state legislature to put aside politics and pass the bipartisan bills to expedite recovery and protect our people from future disasters. For example, people need accountability measures to ensure fair and timely insurance settlements for every New Jerseyan, as well as acts to significantly decrease or nullify the time New Jerseyans are without utilities in the wake of natural disasters and emergencies.

“To the resilient people of New Jersey: Your strength is inspiring to your neighbors and people across this country. Let’s all continue to get our hands dirty to help this state fully recover as soon as possible. This past weekend, I joined thousands of volunteers at a few of the dozens of recovery projects happening around the state. There are numerous volunteer opportunities slated to mark the one-year anniversary tomorrow. My office and phone lines remain open/available to anyone who needs assistance.”

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