Joe Kyrillos Wins Re-election By Wide Margin

Joe Kyrillos Wins Re-election By Wide Margin
Calls Results Mandate for Reform and a More Competitive New Jersey

MIDDLETOWN, N.J. – Senator Kyrillos called the results of today’s General Election a mandate for reform and a more competitive New Jersey.

“It is gratifying and humbling that the people of my district have once again overwhelmingly chosen me to represent them for another term,” said Kyrillos. “I will continue to be their voice and to work side-by-side with Governor Christie to help residents return to their homes after Sandy, lower the property tax burden on our families, and continue working hard to bring good-paying jobs back to our state.”

“Together, the bipartisan reforms we began four years ago are starting to show results,” continued Kyrillos. “We’ve balanced four budgets without raising taxes, capped property taxes at 2%, and created more than 142,000 private sector jobs.”

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