Doherty and Kyrillos Urge Assembly Action on Arbitration Cap

Doherty and Kyrillos Urge Assembly Action on Arbitration Cap

Senators Michael Doherty and Joe Kyrillos, who sponsor legislation capping arbitration awards at two percent, urged the Assembly to pass the current bipartisan cap extension legislation.

“Assembly Democrats’ refusal to extend the cap on arbitration awards has placed towns on the precipice of having to choose between raising property taxes to pay for limitless spikes in salaries or eliminating critical services,” said Doherty (R-Hunterdon, Warren, Somerset). “We can’t let this ticking bomb explode, eliminating the historic bipartisan reforms made in the last four years to limit property tax growth.”

“Municipal officials have made it abundantly clear that without this means to control public employee contracts they lose the key tool to keeping costs in check and to stay within the current property tax cap,” said Kyrillos (R-Monmouth). “The Assembly must act now to extend the cap, or once again already overburdened taxpayers across the state will be on the losing end.”
Senator Doherty co-sponsors bipartisan S1869 to extend the two-percent cap on arbitration awards through Dec. 31, 2017. Senators Kyrillos sponsors S1913 to make the cap permanent.

“The arbitration award cap was passed with near unanimous support four years ago and has proven to dramatically reduce property tax increases,” Kyrillos added.

“There’s absolutely no excuse for backtracking on taxpayers now,” Doherty concluded

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