RAINE Foundation Presents U.S. Flag to Senator Kyrillos

RAINE Foundation Presents U.S. Flag to Senator Kyrillos


Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13) was presented with a flag recovered from Union Beach in the days after Sandy hit by the RAINE Foundation. The RAINE Foundation has now asked the Senator to be the custodian and keep the large framed flag on display in his new relocated Senate office for all his constituents to see.

During Hurricane Sandy, the RAINE Foundation had teams in the field, helping homeowners to tear down water-soaked floors and walls.  One day, one volunteer, found a US Flag, pulled it from the muddy debris, and draped it across an old piece of furniture.  Later that day, the family who had owned that flag, donated it to RAINE.

“The flag represents leadership, perserverance, and strength in the face of adversity,” said Garry Foltz, Executive Board Member of the RAINE Foundation. “Senator Kyrillos is a tremendous asset to the RAINE Foundation team, and his involvement has helped us help others in our community.”

The RAINE (Reaching All in Need Everyday) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2001 to assist children and their families who are in crisis in the Bayshore area. They were particularly active in the days and months that followed Hurricane Sandy.

“RAINE is the ideal citizens’ organization here for the people of our area,” said Kyrillos. “They do great herculean work and are a model for other civic groups all around this region, the state, and this country.”

“I can’t imagine that anything is as meaningful to me as receiving this American flag and what it represents. I love it for what it stands for; I love it as a work of art. I especially love that it is muddied and gnarled and went through this storm that tested us all.”

The Senators’ district office is located at 10 State Highway 35, Middletown at the foot of the Cooper Bridge in Red Bank. 

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