Today, Why Are We Not Passing Sick-Leave Payout Reform?

Today, Why Are We Not Passing Sick-Leave Payout Reform?

Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth), a prime sponsor of legislation to reform public employee sick-leave payouts, said it’s shameful that Senate Democratic leaders scheduled a voting session on July 10th without a vote on any legislation, especially sick-leave payout reform, in light of yet another six-figure golden parachute on the backs of property taxpayers.

“Legislative Democrats are continuing to enable this gross abuse of property tax dollars that carries a nearly $1 billion liability across New Jersey,” Kyrillos said.

Middletown Township authorized this week a $249,338 lump-sum payout to its retiring police chief for his unused sick and vacation days.

“I get why, after 40 years of admirable public service, Chief Oches would take this massive and legal payout, but there is no acceptable excuse as to why Democratic leaders are blocking leave-payout reform, as property taxpayers and local officials continue to plead,” Kyrillos said. “I don’t understand how Democratic leaders get away with calling us back to Trenton only to obstruct our obligations to overburdened property taxpayers.”

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