Kyrillos Statement Against Democrats’ Minimum-Wage Amendment

Kyrillos Statement Against Democrats’ Minimum-Wage Amendment

Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) stated the following regarding the Democrats proposal to again constitutionally mandate minimum wage increases:

“Enshrining wage increases into the constitution is a dangerous policy that doesn’t take economic realities into consideration, and that fact is proven by the last Democrat minimum-wage constitutional amendment that they now admit was a failure.

“New Jersey’s constitution shouldn’t be used as a tool to execute a national Democrat socialist agenda. We should instead have a thorough discussion about increasing the minimum wage, and it should be done in a collaborative manner by elected officials. That’s our job.

“People in New Jersey’s private-sector workforce — the middle class — already suffer because of this state’s noncompetitive tax structure and high costs on employers and families. Mandating 79-percent private-sector wage hikes will only add to the burden and force businesses to cut jobs or relocate elsewhere.

“In general, New Jersey’s private-sector workers are smart and don’t need politicians or union representatives to try to control or stifle their destinies. The best New Jersey allows businesses to grow and move here without the constant Democrat threat of increasing costs. The best New Jersey allows financial flexibility for public-private partnerships and incentives that help the workforce. And the best New Jersey allows workers at all levels to negotiate better wages and benefits, pursue greater opportunities in their fields or choose new professions.”

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